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    Date Opportunity
    January 2020 MSc student - Ophthalmology Division in Ichilov 
    December 2019 Postdoctoral Position, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University
    December 2019 Student in Bioinformatics for working in a lab, Medicine, TAU
    December 2019 MSc/PhD students for Computational Cancer Genomics lab, Keren Yizhak, Technion
    December 2019 The Mantoux Institute of Bioinformatics in Weizmann is recruiting a bioinformatics analyst 
    November 2019 Senior Bioinformatician for Emendo Biotherapeutics 
    November 2019 Bioinformatician for Deep Sequencing Data Analysis, the Hebrew University 
    November 2019 Assistant Professor of Quantitative and Computational Biology at  USC
    November 2019 Bioinformatician/computational biologist for Compugen
    November 2019 Bioinformatician for the Bioinformatics Core Facility at NIBN, Ben-Gurion University
    October 2019 Senior bioinformatics scientist for CytoReason
    October 2019 Bioinformaticians for Genome Center in Sheba
    October 2019 MultiOmics data scientist for iCarbonX
    October 2019 Postdoctoral Research Fellow-Computational Biology and Neuroscience - Genentech, San Francisco 
    October 2019 Computational postdoc and scientist  for Columbia University
    October 2019 Florence Nightingale Bicentenary Research Fellow and Tutor in Bioinformatics - Oxford UK
    September 2019 Postdoctoral position in bioinformatics and computational immunology in Rice University
    September 2019 Bioinformatician for the Avraham lab at the Weizmann Institute
    September 2019 Senior Project Bioinformatics Scientist at CytoReason
    September 2019 Bioinformatician for Genetika+
    August 2019 Post-doctoral position – University of California, Berkeley – Human Evolutionary Genetics
    July 2019 Head of the Metaboinformatics Unit - Blavatnik Center for Drug Discovery at Tel Aviv University
    July 2019 Bioinformatician for Katzerin institute, Haifa University
    July 2019 Postdoctoral Fellowship - The Hübner lab – Galilee Research institute, Tel-Hai College
    July 2019 Teacher in computational biology for high school students, Davidson Institute of Science Education
    July 2019 Computational Biologist for NRGene
    June 2019 The Bioinformatics Core Facility at Ben-Gurion University is looking for a bioinformatician
    June 2019 Bioinformatician for Sheba
    June 2019
    May 2019
    May 2019 Postdocs for the Gasch Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
    May 2019 Students for Gil Ast lab  - Medicine Faculty,  Tel Aviv University
    May 2019 Students for Asaf Levy's lab at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment of the Hebrew University
    May 2019 Computational biologist for start-up company
    May 2019 Postdoctoral fellowships in the Department of Genome Sciences University of Washington
    May 2019 Bioinformatician for BiomX
    May 2019 Bioinformatician for Mantoux Institute of Bioinformatics at Weizmann
    April 2019 Bioinformatician for Compugen
    April 2019 Bioinformatician for Igentify
    April 2019 Bioinformatics student position
    April 2019 Teaching assistant position for Holon Institute of Technology
    April 2019 The Open University is looking for a bioinformatics course coordinator
    April 2019 DayTwo is looking for computational biologist
    April 2019 Postdoctoral fellow for the research group of Lude Franke, University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands
    March 2019 Postdocs in Computational Biology/Bioinformatics, KTH, Stockhokm
    March 2019 Postdocs in Machine Learning in Computional Biology, KTH, Stockholm 
    March 2019 A new biotech company is looking for a bioinformatician
    March 2019 Bioinformatics position at Novocure
    March 2019 Bioinformatician for MeMed
    March 2019 The Madi Lab is looking for MSc and PhD computational biologist positions
    March 2019 Research software engineer for Oxford protein informatics group
    March 2019 Bioinformatician for Augmanity Nano, Rehovot, Israel
    February 2019 A student  for a computational project in cancer biology - Uri Ben-David's lab, Tel Aviv University
    February 2019 MSc and PhD students for Madi lab - Medicine Faculty at Tel Aviv University
    February 2019 An open position at the Haberman lab in Sheba Medical Center
    February 2019 Computational biology director for Emendo
    February 2019 Bioinformatics scientist for OncoHost
    February 2019 Postdoc position at Institut Curie in Computational Systems Biology Group - position #3
    February 2019 Postdoc position at Institut Curie in Computational Systems Biology Group - position #2
    February 2019 Postdoc position at Institut Curie in Systems Biology Group - position #1
    February 2019 PhD positions in Integrative Computational Network Biology - Barcelona
    February 2019 Post-doc positions in Integrative Computational Network Biology - Barcelona
    January 2019 PhD student/Postdoc fellow for the cardiac electrophysiology group NYU
    January 2019 Bioinformatician for Rabin Medical Center   
    January 2019 Algorithm developer and Bioinformatician for Augmanity Nano
    January 2019 Research manager for genomic lab, medicin Faculty, TAU 
    January 2019 Postdoc position - the Dekel lab, University of Haifa
    January 2019 Bioinformatician  for Israel National Institute for Personalized Medicine at Weizmann
    December 2018 Bioinformatician scientist to MyHeritage
    December 2018 Senior Bioinformatics Scientist to MyHeritage
    December 2018 Computational biologists for Shalgi lab - the Technion
    December 2018 Data researcher for TEVA 
    December 2018 Biotechnology company
    December 2018 Bioinformatician for MeMed
    December 2018 Postdoctoral position in functional genomics - Ahituv lab, UCSF
    November 2018 Assistant Professor in Computational Biology, Stockholm University
    November 2018 Postdoc position at Institut Curie in Computational Systems Biology Group - #1
    November 2018 Postdoc position at Institut Curie in Computational Systems Biology Group - #2
    November 2018 Postdoc position at Institut Curie in Systems Biology Group - #3
    November 2018 Postdoc for the Korem lab, Columbia University Medical Center
    November 2018 Bioinformatics position at the Open University
    November 2018 The Fleishman lab at Weizmann








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